Fancy a trial session with the fitness & fat loss magician?

I pride myself on delivering far better results than the majority of personal trainers in the industry.

But why should you take my word for it if you’ve never met me before?

You shouldn’t! So here are some GENUINE testimonials from GENUINELY satisfied client so that you can see what you, too, can achieve.

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

“The results have been amazing! We set out goals and have met all of them. I have dropped 9 kgs and my body fat has dropped from 21 to 15%. More importantly, I look forward to working out. Gavin is a real motivator, and is constantly modifying my work-outs to keep them dynamic and challenging. I get up every day and want to get in the gym. It has been an outstanding experience.

If you are serious about getting in shape and willing to put in a little extra effort, I highly recommend Gavin. He’ll help you get real results.”

Vinay Kumar – Bain and Co

“I have spent on average, one session a week, over the past 6 months with Gavin. During this time, Gavin has been fantastic in introducing me to the world of personal fitness.

Having never been a member of a gym previously, or really concentrated on my personal fitness, it was initially with some trepidation that I signed up. However, Gavin’s approach is relaxed and he has managed to make all of my sessions extremely worthwhile and at the same time challenging. He has a natural way with client’s, is always friendly and finally, creative in his approach to exercise. No two sessions have been the same!

I have certainly noticed the results of these sessions. Others have too.

Despite the sometime grumble from me along the lines of ‘no more please’, or ‘lunges-why?’, I have really enjoyed these organised personal fitness sessions and would, without hesitation, recommend Gavin to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness, stamina and self image.”

James Smith – GE Captial

“Gavin has been extremely helpful and assisted greatly in motivating my exercise routine. Over a three month period I managed to lose approximately 6 kilo and this was all the more remarkable given that I missed four weeks, as I was in Australia on business.

Needless to say the results have given me even more motivation to get on and lose even more weight and I have found Gavin a real inspiration.

I have never had success over such a short period of time and much recognition is due to him for motivating me.

I wish him every success in the future and I consider his very personable style a real asset.”

John Hodder – Alexander Gold Group Ltd

“Ladies:  Looking to gain 10 lbs in 20 weeks and increase your waist size by up to 5 inches?!

Not likely!  Unless, of course, you are in the early stages of pregnancy, in which case the prospect of blowing up like a balloon is never too far from your thoughts.  Help is at hand, however.  Regular, safe exercise during pregnancy can help to keep weight gain within sensible limits.  More importantly, it can boost your energy levels and increase stamina — all very helpful come week 40 and beyond …

I have been training with Gavin for almost 5 months and these sessions have undoubtedly contributed to my gloriously stress-free pregnancy.  Despite the odd Krispy Kreme donut or three, my weight gain thus far has been entirely normal, I have a surprising amount of energy during the day and am sleeping like a goddess at night.  

Gavin’s programmes are varied, challenging (in a good way), fun and safe.  He is a real pleasure to train with and I would happily recommend him to anyone with a growing bump.”

Sophie Lamb – Mother

“What I’ve enjoyed about personal training sessions with Gavin is that he has been able to work with the fact that I’d prefer to most of my training outside the gym.  And even then, he has been excellent in keeping up the variety.  That, and he somehow makes you smile through pain! Oh yes, pain. Because he also ensures he pushes you to limits you’d never persuade your body to reach were you working alone.  After the hour you know you’ve been through the mill, but in a good way! Try it.”

Chris Salt – Headland Consultancy

“I’ve been doing training sessions with Gavin since shortly after I did a bad sprain on my ankle. The sessions helped my recovery immensely and, even though my ankle is now healed, I have decided to continue. I consider that Gavin has selected the exercises that suit by listening to the results I want, noticing what I enjoyed and noticing what I should focus on. Accordingly, I having enjoyed the exercise regime as well as achieving results, improving my all round fitness.”

Jamie Ward – PWC

“I’ve been training with Gavin for the last couple of months. Gavin’s approach to training is firm and uncompromising but this is always delivered with a friendly face that beams encouragement. He has pushed me to my limits. This has had the knock on affect of making me feel proud of my achievements and has spurred me on to dig deeper, and do more. Not only has Gavin helped me improve my personal fitness, he has also taught me how to really train effectively.”

Jessica Knight –