Fancy a trial session with the fitness & fat loss magician?

I hate to be all serious before you’ve even started your first session, but it’s important that you know about my terms of service.

So, here goes with the serious stuff…

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel a personal training session provided you give at least 24 hours’ notice by phone, email or even text.

If you cancel a personal training session within 24 hours of the agreed session time full payment for any such sessions will be taken.

On the flipside, I may cancel a personal training session provided that I ALSO give at least 24 hours’ notice to you by phone, email or text.

If I cancel a personal training session within 24 hours of the agreed session time I will reschedule the personal training session and give you an additional personal training session to compensate you for any inconvenience or disappointment suffered.

Let’s Be Flexible

I  know that things pop up unexpectedly from time to time, so if I can, I’ll try rescheduling your session for the same week and you will not have to forfeit the cancelled session.

However, I’ll stress that the rescheduled personal training session has to be in the same week.

So, I’ll try and be flexible when possible and I simply ask the same from you.

Sound fair?

Personal Training Package Expiry

Chances are your sessions will never get to expire, but it’s only fair that I warn you from the odd.

Each personal training package has an expiry date and by that I mean you have to use the sessions within a certain period of time.

10 sessions = 12 weeks

5 sessions = 6 weeks

Any sessions not used in this time frame will be forfeited.

But as I mentioned previously, chances are that you won’t ever lose your sessions because you’ll be well and truly on the ball with this health and fitness lark…right? 🙂

Referral Policy

Rather than me paying a newspaper, radio or some direct mail company to advertise ickle old me, I’d rather reward you.

You see, for every friend, family member or colleague that you refer, I’d like to give you a personal training session on me!

This will allow you to benefit from sharing your experiences with me and my amazing fitness and fat loss powers to those that are important to you.

It will also allow me to continue to work with motivated clients like yourself and to spend my time working on program design, training and serving my current clients instead of advertising or wasting time on ye old Flakebook.

So, if you know anyone that might benefit from a good old kick up the assimus, I’d really appreciate it if you let them know about this guy you’ve just started training with…that’d be me.

Sound like a plan?

Okay, no more serious stuff…but I do need you to fill out a health questionnaire before we get into the nitty-gritty of the physical training.

GWPT Par-Q & Waiver <== Download Here


Okay, that’s enough of me for one day.

If you have any questions just fire away!