Fancy a trial session with the fitness & fat loss magician?

Excited to learn more about personal training?!

Wonderful: you clearly mean business and are ready to take your fitness and fat loss to the next level.


Your Training

Your training is going to be focused and goal orientated with continuous progression in mind.

I’ll build a targeted, efficient program of coaching and diet so that you flatten your belly and boost your health quickly.

I’ll monitor you at each session to make certain that you’re on the right track and that your training is set at the right pace to achieve a healthier, better-looking body.

Training with me is always varied and inspiring.

You’ll probably come across exercises, equipment and methods that you may never have seen before and that will test you mentally, as well as physically.

But most importantly You’re Going To Get RESULTS.

Together we’ll transform your health and your body.

Sounds good to you?

A Word Of Warning

If you aren’t serious and committed, be prepared to face my wrath…LOL. I’m a fairly relaxed type of guy, but if you’re not pulling your weight I’ll most likely have to have a little word in your ear!

Look at it this way, you and I want the best results from your training. And I know that life sometimes get’s in the way of this fitness and fat loss lark, but every now and again we all need a little kick up the bum to stay on track. So…

If I feel you need a wee bit of tough love, I’ll tell you. 🙂

Sound fair?

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 15 years and trained people from all walks of life (including celebs and even royalty), so you can be sure you’ll give you the best of my experience. However, I’ll be upfront with you now. My rates aren’t bargain basement, but that is because I am no amateur personal trainer who’ll simply stand alongside you counting reps, holding your towel as you exercise. It’s my job to make sure you achieve your dream body as well boost your overall health and fitness. So, while I am not low-cost, I’m extremely good value.

Where Will You Train Me?

I train many clients in their own homes or outside, in a local park (Preston Park, Hove Park, Queen’s Park) or on the seafront (Hove Lawns).

However, for best results, I like to use a little-known gem in the centre of town called Alive Gym. It’s a small independent gym located on Castle Street, just moments from the Churchill Centre a couple of streets down from Western Road, perfect for anyone that works in the city centre.

Personal Trainer Brighton Alive Gym

Your Investment

I have a number of personal training packages available, however, everyone has different needs and schedules, so the best thing to do is contact me with your needs and goals and I’ll then be able to offer you a suitable option based on those needs and goals.

If you require any further information about personal training in and around Brighton with me please don’t hesitate to email, phone.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

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