Jelly Legs Challenge

The other day I posted a workout in one of my Facebook groups that involved a 10-minute circuit.

In fact, it was what we call in the bizness, an AMRAP.

AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible.

First I got them to warm-up…

+ Jumping jacks x 45 secs
+ Mountain climbers x 45 secs
+ Plank w/hip twist and drop x 45 secs

Repeat x 2

Then it was time for the 10-minute AMRAP…

+ Squats x 5
+ Alternate lunges x 10
+ Jumping squat-lunge combo x 5
+ Press-ups x 5 (the rest!)

Now, that doesn’t look so hard on paper. However…

That jumping squat-lunge combo is a killer and guaranteed to give you the jelly legs.

Here’s a quick video of how that combo looks:

Fancy giving this challenge a bash?

Do it and let me know how you get on.

Ta-ta for now,

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