Beach Belly Workout [Video]

Beach Belly Workout

I was down on Brighton beach yesterday morning playing a spot of basketball.

We had a good run around and then I shot this workout for my Live Lean Academy peeps.

Well, the setting was so nice I thought it would be rude not to share it with you too!

Check out the workout and then click play on the video just below…

+ Jog x 30s
+ Heal Kicks x 30s
+ Seal Jacks x 30s
Repeat x 2

+ Rest x 60s

+ Warrior Jumps x 45s work/15s rest
+ T Press-ups x 45s work/15s rest
+ Squat Jumps x 45s work/15s rest
+ Tricep Press-ups (or floor dippers) x 45s work/15s rest
Repeat x 3

+ Rest x 60s

+ High Plank x 30s
+ Toe Taps x 30s
+ Low Plank x 30s
+ Low Plank W/Alternate Knee Raise x 30s

+ Stretch & Recover

Follow Along Video

And there you have it, an awesome beach belly workout for you.

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